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When it comes to music, Shenanigans knows that good humor and fun are just as important as technique.  Mike, Tom and Evy joined forces in 2000and recently Rich came to bring up the bass. We bring our mutual passion for music and various talents together in a lighthearted, entertaining mix of Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Americana, Celtic and Gospel tunes.

The members come from a variety of Folk traditions. Tom Gerlock, grew up in Ohio, small town farming community, with a deep love for country and cowboy tunes. Mike Bennett grew up in L.A. County, California in the heart of the folk rage. His heroes are the Kingston Trio and the Modern Folk Quartet. Evy O’Leary-Bennett grew up in the smelter town of Anaconda, Montana, singing Irish and silly rowdy songs around the campfire. Rich McDougall grew up in the mining city of Butte, Montana, and has many years playing Rock & Roll, and Country. Mix that all up together and it comes out to be a nice variety of possibilities. All members have had many rewarding years singing in church choirs. We all agree on the importance of giving voice to Gospel music, and that it is important to only play music that you truly love. Life is simply too short to do otherwise. Music to make you smile and maybe even laugh a little.

Firmly rooted in Missoula, Montana, you'll see this group at the Farmers Market, 1st Night-New Year’s City Celebration, local coffee houses, Senior Residents and Nursing homes, local charity fundraisers, church services, weddings and funerals. Around western Montana, Shenanigans have played County Fairs, 4th of July and St. Patrick Day Celebrations, and for the folk-lore Society at the Symes Hotel hot springs, old time fiddlers jams and family reunions singing around the campfire.

Outside of the group, Mike teaches music lessons on banjo, mandolin, bass and guitar; Evy is a self-employed Counselor and Cranio-Sacral Therapist; Tom is semi-retired and helps keep Missoula's schools clean; and Rich is self-employed..

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Music to make you smile...
Listen to some songs by Shenanigans.
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Ain't Got the Blues

Old Joe Clark

We’ll be there to Ease Your Load

Tom, Mike and Evy

Dream Dream Dream

Oo pik Waltz

In the Jail House Now

Down on The Farm





Shenanigans at
First Night Missoula 2007



The Farmers Market


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