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Custom-Made Banjos
In addition to teaching private lessons, Mike also crafts three to four custom-made banjos every year. Banjo's come in the customer's choice of style (Bluegrass or open-back) and choice of wood (Maple, Cherry, Walnut, etc.). Bluegrass Banjos can be made with flat or arched-top tone rings; Open-back Banjos can be made with Bacon spun-brass, White Lady or Tubaphone tone rings. Mike's Banjos are usually made with a wider neck than Gibson Banjos, which provides for easier fingering. Finishes are water-based and very durable, providing excellent protection against solvents and abrasions.

Bluegrass Banjo
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Open-back Banjos
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Customized Design Elements
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Prices start at $900 for a simple, open-back Banjo with plain woods and dots in the fingerboards (price of instrument case not included). Specialized designs will increase the cost. The average wait for a custom-made Banjo is about six months. Call (406)721-0190 to talk with Mike about designing your very own Banjo!

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